The first six months of Telex in numbers

April 06. 2021. – 06:09 PM


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It might be a cliché to start out with "six months ago, we wouldn't have thought," but that is the truth: We wouldn't have thought.

We wouldn't have thought that six months after launching Telex, we would have so much to be proud of: each day, more than 600,000 readers are interested in what we have to write, tens of thousands are using our app, our pop-sci articles have become a staple of our mornings, and we launched several weekly series such as the Clickbait Report, short stories from contemporary Hungarian writers, and the Like Championship, our regular overview of politicians' social media activity. We regularly provide factual, easy-to-digest explanations of current events in written and animated forms. We send our reporters to wherever the news happens – we reported from Vienna, Minsk, Brussels, Zagreb, and Ukraine, and our work has been acknowledged by prestigious awards.

But we take the greatest pride in our team, who tirelessly strive to create the best news site they can, and of course, our tens of thousands of supporters who make that possible and honour us with their unceasing trust.

And this is only the beginning. We do not plan on stopping anytime soon. However, it is nice to take a look at what we achieved in our first six months. These numbers give us the strength to go on and do our best every day.