Minister for the Families to women: Don't worry about the gender pay gap, be happy you get to take care of others

December 14. 2020. – 06:40 PM



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Katalin Novák, Hungary's Minister for Families had made an appearance on Sunday in a light-hearted infotainment video produced by pro-government social media community Axióma, in which she explains what women should do to be successful. Or, more accurately, what they should not.

„I like to bake,” the Minister begins her lecture. „I rarely stray from the recipe, and it's a nice feeling to know that if I mix the ingredients the way and order it is written, I consistently get the same results. It's difficult to mess it up. Sadly, life does not work that way,” she assesses.

In her video, Novák tried to answer how women can be strong and successful, and how they can find fulfilment in their lives –

„But it may be easier to say what they should avoid: Do not believe that women have to constantly compete with men. Do not believe that every waking moment of our lives must be spent with comparing ourselves to men, and that we should work in at least the same position, for at least the same pay they do.”

So don't be concerned if you are a woman, and you make less than a man. According to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, that is useful advice – women in Hungary, on average, made 15.6% less than men between January and September of 2020. A 2014 Eurostat study says that men in management positions made €11.5 an hour while their female counterparts earned only €7.63 during that same time.

Novák says the choice between a family and a career is a false dichotomy, the choice is in the hand of women, adding:

„Do not believe a woman cannot find fulfilment as a mother with many children by living ‘only’ for her family.”

It is a difficult choice to say yes to the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother, she continues, as these require sacrifices, and it is not easy to take care of a family while having a job,

„But still, these are the choices that make us strong. We received so much strength that we can bear the burden placed on our shoulders, and I am convinced that we, women, are so strong that we can even bear the burdens of others. So take responsibility! Let us not give up our privileges over some misinterpreted fight for emancipation!”

Novák urges women to experience the joys and opportunities stemming from the harmony arising from the differences between sexes and to say yes to children.

„Let's be happy that we were born women. Let's be happy that we can give life, let's be happy that we have received the gift of love and the beauty of caring for others. Be happy that there is someone for whom you can take responsibility! (…)

Let's experience and enjoy the miracle that as thinking, creating women, we can find fulfilment in our professional lives while having the opportunity of giving the gift of life. We can give life by giving birth, and we can give real life by responsible care.”