EP to adopt resolution declaring Hungary unfit to hold EC presidency

May 24. 2023. – 09:51 AM



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The European Parliament (EP) may adopt a resolution declaring the Orbán-government unfit to hold the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU, Népszava reports.

At its next plenary session, the European Parliament is set to adopt a resolution on the rule of law in Hungary and the frozen EU funds. The draft five-party resolution also questions whether Hungary will be able to credibly fulfil its role of the presidency of the EU Council in 2024. The text, which is not yet final, states:

since the adoption of the EP resolution in September last year, the situation of the rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary has continued to deteriorate. Some of the examples cited include restrictions on the legal status, and the social and labour rights of teachers.

But they also criticise, among other things, decisions that jeopardise the business interests of individual companies, discrimination that puts competitors at a disadvantage, and intimidation methods used by people linked to the prime minister.

They also condemn the anti-EU campaigns which have become part of the government's strategy. According to the draft resolution, the EP therefore calls on the Council to find a solution to the problem, otherwise the Parliament will intervene.

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