BKV donates 15 scrapped but functioning buses to Ukraine

December 19. 2022. – 03:34 PM



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Budapest's Public Transportation Company (BKV) has donated buses that were taken off the roads of Budapest but can still be operated to Ukraine, the transport company announced on Facebook.

The 15 vehicles – five solo Volvos and ten articulated Ikarus buses – were handed over on Monday by Gergely Karácsony, Mayor of Budapest, and Tibor Bolla, CEO of BKV Zrt. to István Balog, Ukraine's Chargé d'Affaires in Hungary.

As they write, since summer the company has received several requests for buses from Ukraine, but so far BKV has not had a reserve of vehicles that could be taken out of service. However, thanks to some recent bus replacements, a number of buses that can still be operated have become available and have now been donated to Ukraine.

"In cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in Hungary, the vehicles will be transferred to the right place and the necessary contracts can be drawn up, after which the buses can be sent to their new service locations".

The statement stressed that BKV has already assisted the neighbouring country and its people fleeing to Hungary on several occasions, with humanitarian supplies as well as by providing buses to keep arriving refugees warm.

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