Hungarian developer receives $70,000 reward from Google

November 24. 2022. – 02:58 PM



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A 21-year-old Hungarian developer, Dávid Schütz, will receive a $70,000 reward from Google – a little over 27.5 million forints at today's exchange rate – for discovering a serious bug in the identification and access control system of Android phones and reporting it to Google.

Schütz told the Szegedi Nap newspaper that it was by accident that he discovered the bug: he found that if he resets the SIM card code with the PUK code without restarting his Android phone, instead of freezing, the phone unlocks, and he was able to reproduce this phenomenon on several models.

He did not receive any feedback from Google for a long time, and when he did, he had to demonstrate his discovery in a live conference call to the company's engineers, who admitted that it was indeed a serious bug, which was then immediately fixed. (via

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