Fidesz-KDNP would dismantle the EP in its current form

June 23. 2022. – 10:24 AM



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Four government MPs have submitted a draft resolution to Parliament outlining what kind of European Union they think the newly formed Hungarian government should work for in the future.

On Thursday, representatives of the European Council will discuss the reorganisation of the EU, and Viktor Orbán is likely to explain his freshly adopted position to them.

The draft resolution was submitted by House Speaker László Kövér, Deputy PM Zsolt Semjén, KDNP group leader István Simicskó and Máté Kocsis, group leader of Fidesz, and it is currently waiting to be voted on by parliament. The document sets out their vision for the future of the Union, including the following:

  • they would dissolve the directly elected European Parliament, and instead recommend that national parliaments delegate representatives instead;
  • they would give national parliaments a veto in EU legislation;
  • they would introduce a common army;
  • they would limit the powers of the common institutions;
  • they condemn the sanctions against Russia;
  • they would support the accession of the Western-Balkan countries to the EU
  • and they would prohibit the EU taking loans

The majority of the EU's plans are running exactly counter to the ideas outlined above. For example, the extension of the European Parliament's powers and the limitation of the Member States' veto rights in the European Council are both on the agenda.

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