An alternate reality, where the powers that be are vying for control over the souls of people genetically modified by Covid vaccines

January 04. 2024. – 09:43 AM

An alternate reality, where the powers that be are vying for control over the souls of people genetically modified by Covid vaccines
The 4th Budapest International Covid Conference at the Turul House – Photo: Nagy Nikoletta / Telex


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This summer I visited the Turul House, the headquarters of the World Federation of Hungarians, exactly two times more than I would have liked. Both occasions that I dared to visit this location were brought about by the Doctors for Clarity movement: the first time to watch a screening of their film "Only Two More Weeks" and the second time by invitation from Dr. József Tamasi to the 4th Budapest International Covid Conference. It was to include such lectures as "Why the WHO is interested in destroying gut flora" (either this title was a mistranslation or the lecture was pointless, as it didn't reveal anything about this), what actions the WHO is taking in relation to the World Government, how I can strengthen my immune system with emotional intelligence, how to help victims of the vaccine,

and my personal favorite: "The soul is from God, the vaccine is from Satan – heal with the soul."

As the topics suggest, the conference was quite a rollercoaster ride, with everything that one can imagine on a scale from mothers worried about their own personal freedom who lead a grassroots resistance movement to fanatic homeopaths and the vibrating – earth mother – new Scythian world order. There weren't too many people there, but I attribute this more to the fact that participation in the conference was conditional on a minimum donation of 6,000 HUF – considering that last time there were so many people at the free film screening that it had to be shown twice because we couldn't all squeeze into the first projection. Since the theme was the same, I assume it's not that interest had waned so quickly.

Speaking of interest, one might ask why anyone would still bother dealing with the Coronavirus in such detail in 2023, especially when there aren't any particularly threatening variants, there aren't any restrictions, and it's not even required to wear that damn mask anywhere. "We wondered whether we still needed this conference, but the world is in such a bad place that we believe we do," Alfréd Pócs said in his opening speech, adding that until the evil-doers are sentenced, until change is brought about, there would continue to be a conference – only after that would it cease.

There will always be something to fear

But if the speakers are to be believed, there is little reason to worry that the pandemic theme is falling by the wayside. The first talk got us right into the swing of things when Dr. Heiko Schönig told us that the next pandemic would come from a company called National Resilience, which "manufactures what could be called biological weapons in the United States, and has been linked to people who have manufactured such weapons." Furthermore, next time the pathogen will be bacteria, not a virus (a very convenient choice, given how long antibiotic resistance has been a well-known and serious global problem). Schönig throws around the word 'bioterrorist' as if it were a grammatical article, but he doesn't provide evidence – you can read all about it in his book, of course, that is available for purchase. We did however learn that "the criminal organization has to produce the new substances somewhere", but it was not made clear what substances were being talked about. What did become clear is that this time around the main villain is none other than Lawrence O. Gostin of the WHO, but as to why he is considered as such, apart from his interests in a few places, was not disclosed. At least Bill Gates can breathe easy knowing that the noose around his neck has loosened up.

Dr. Heiko Schönig, "The WHO and the mafia are interested in transforming the gut flora. Why?", the first speaker at the conference – Source: World Federation of Hungarians
Dr. Heiko Schönig, "The WHO and the mafia are interested in transforming the gut flora. Why?", the first speaker at the conference – Source: World Federation of Hungarians

The atmosphere at the conference was very pleasant: most of the participants had obviously known each other for a long time, and this was probably not their first rodeo together. "This is the third time I've been here, and now I also come to see people I know," said one of the ladies I spoke to while standing in line. She was very pleased with the content of the conference, heard a lot of new things, and planned to pass on the information to her friends abroad. A man behind us mentioned how surprising it was to him how few places offered the "information" available here in Hungarian – he had come home from Canada, where you can read everything in English if you really want to.

And the building itself is exactly as one would imagine it to be, i.e. as if the Mythical Stag [a core element in Hungarian mythology] had thrown up in your face: at every corner you are confronted with a book about the Treaty of Trianon or a Scythian poster, and outside the conference room Scythian and Masonic books are on sale alongside the speakers' books. Next to the door is a display of merch for fans, many of whom are annoyed that Doctors for Clarity X Scythian t-shirts are running out in their size. Alongside the t-shirts, signatures are being collected on a sheet to fight the compulsory vaccination for children. Next to the buffet the Hungarian VírTus throat bitter tincture, Szom, is being sold, which is said to even help those poor vaccinated individuals if consumed properly.

The audience is mostly middle-aged and elderly, with no young people to be found. At a glance, the last one to be born was perhaps the speaker giving off extreme Karen energy. She was from Austria and was organizing people against the WHO's diabolical plan for world domination. She said in her talk that she was frustrated that she could not even go shopping during the pandemic without a mask, but even more frustrated at how quickly police and soldiers could be mobilized to enforce such measures. This theme recurred again and again, both in the lectures and in the discussions in the corridors: it is clear that people are afraid – afraid of how long the power of the state (or the WHO, Bill Gates, the pharmaceutical companies, or insert the appropriate villain) will last. They are bewildered and trying to navigate the world, and in such communities they find simple answers that help them not feel helpless. At any moment an obscure virus could come along and decimate humanity and keep us cooped up again for years? It's all frightening and uncertain. The WHO wants to yoke us up and establish a medical dictatorship – at least this is something that we can protest against and try to resist.

Sure the vaccinated didn't die – they must've gotten placebos

Moreover, these folks have also beautifully incorporated into their worldview the fact that the huge death toll predicted for the vaccinated didn't occur. In addition to the fact that the medical practitioners who spoke at the conference, led by Dr. József Tamasi, believe that since 2021 all symptoms stem from the vaccination until proven otherwise (which should be the other way around), they still find plenty of vaccine victims in their own practices. Those who don't get sick are either lucky or have been given a placebo – the latter is something I heard quite often at the conference, probably a good way to justify the surprisingly low number of vaccinated individuals who died.

"I'm most interested in the side effects because my family is completely divided over the vaccine, and my older son's family has been vaccinated. It was impossible to talk them out of it," said one woman who arrived by herself. "I could only convince my younger son not to get vaccinated." She complained that there wasn't a dialogue between the two sides, but she would try to pass on to the family the information that she heard there. They don't want to listen: lawyers, they think they're smarter than her, she said. "And my son was hospitalized for myocarditis after getting Pfizer, but he says it wasn't from that. His wife was pregnant with my grandson when she got the vaccine, and now the baby keeps getting pus in one eye, and no one knows why." She seems pretty sure it could be a result of the mother's vaccination. Before we parted ways, she added that during the pandemic, the only reassuring information that she got was from Doctors for Clarity.

Dr. József Tamasi's lecture on 'Vaccine side effects and how we can treat them' – Source: World Federation of Hungarians
Dr. József Tamasi's lecture on 'Vaccine side effects and how we can treat them' – Source: World Federation of Hungarians

5G activates the Chinese flu vaccine

A major concern for speakers and attendees was the changes proposed to the World Health Organization treaties, which, apart from the side effects of the vaccines, were the main topic of discussion at the conference. It is understandable, of course, that people are frightened of an all-powerful organization that transcends countries – but in this case the responsibility lies with the people who fuel this fear.

And boy did they fuel it at the conference. I don't know if they do it on purpose, or if they actually believe these largely easily disprovable, and to a lesser extent completely unsubstantiated and anecdotal stories and 'facts' that they are passing on to these people, but what is certain is that they have an effect. Whenever any speaker at the conference made any kind of outrageous statement lacking any kind of substantiation, the audience would all gasp in unison. The real master of this was the last speaker, Dr János Horkovics-Kovács, who shocked the audience with totally unverifiable anecdotes, and even played the poor viewers that one video compilation of random people twitching and falling down that had already been debunked a million times. According to Horkovich-Kovács's outrageous claims,

  • An acquaintance of his published a paper on how to detect graphene oxide (which he pronounces as 'graphen' oxide) in the blood but was then killed a few days later;
  • In fact, he also has an acquaintance holding eight degrees who discovered that in Wuhan 5G activates the flu vaccine, causing people to drop dead.
  • What's more, for those of you who buy a coffee with the green frog logo in Lidl, you ought to know that you are drinking atrazine, a poison – it's meant to finish off anyone who didn't die from the vaccination.
  • Bill Gates's grandfather started the Spanish flu with the help of the Rockefeller Institute, and he is now dispersing infected mosquitoes in 50 countries. In fact, he is putting certain toxic substances into people's bodies that will make us unable to digest meat, forcing us to eat insects.

You'd think people would see through such nonsense, but apparently not – after every shocking statement they heard, the attendees clutched their chests and seemed to immediately incorporate it into their worldview. It's sad, but he might have got the biggest applause of the day. "They're killing those who want to tell the truth one by one!" – someone shouted to great approval.

On the other hand, Alfréd Pócs's much-anticipated presentation "The soul is from God, the vaccine is from Satan…" was a bit of a disappointment: the former president of the Hungarian Medical Chamber of Heves County spoke more about Scythianism and religion, touching on abortion and vibrations. Listening to the whole thing was like a bad trip that you couldn't come out of. Apparently this was too much even for some of the presenters, but the audience also responded to the mention of some laws being from Satan with great enthusiasm.

It is hard to decide which talk at the conference earned the title of "lowest of the low" from a professional standpoint, but Rita Tuzson's was a strong contender. She tried to prove through completely nonsensical examples that homeopathy is good for everything. It had a strong opening in which she attributed the recovery of a boy suffering from antibiotic-induced panic attacks to homeopathy, not to the fact that the boy had stopped taking the antibiotics. But it also had a nice arc in portraying Andrew Wakefield in the end as a victim and a martyr who had to withdraw his anti-vaccine study and whose career was ruined. In reality, Wakefield's study turned out to have been falsified (not only did he use data from non-existent patients, but he misrepresented very real children in order to achieve the desired result) and it was also revealed that he had a strong financial interest in finding MMR vaccines harmful.

But not everything that was said at the conference was nonsense: for example, two presentations discussed the psychological consequences of the pandemic, highlighting how stress and trauma had further weakened people's immune systems, making them more susceptible to the coronavirus and worse progressions of the disease. According to Christian Schubert, a significant part of the symptoms of Long Covid may also be a combination of symptoms of trauma experienced during the pandemic – this seems entirely conceivable even to a layperson, and it's probably worth exploring in this direction.

But the conference organizers clearly weren't aiming to do that, but to maintain fear: the two hot topics were side-effects of the vaccine (which seem to be of great interest to a large part of the audience) and the WHO's ambitions for world domination. The mass psychosis was working so well that at the end of the conference, during the Q&A session,

one participant asked: could it be that the main aim of the WHO and the powers that be is to gain control over people genetically modified by the vaccines and that the battle is now over who gets to have our souls?

The audience roared, the speakers nodded – perhaps this best illustrates how deeply rooted this fear is in everyone. And of course, big pharma and the WHO are not perfect – however, this does not automatically imply that such unrealistic assumptions have any basis at all in reality.