At Fidesz' congress, Orbán said he's still got what it takes, and named the three missions of his "ninja government"

November 20. 2023. – 11:01 AM


At Fidesz' congress, Orbán said he's still got what it takes, and named the three missions of his "ninja government"
Viktor Orbán at Fidesz' 30th congress on 18 November 2023 – Photo: Lujza Hevesi Szabó / Telex


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"One doesn't change horses in midstream," Viktor Orbán said after being elected president of Fidesz for another two-year term at the party's 30th congress held on Saturday. The Hungarian Prime Minister said that such a change is especially not justified if the horse is pulling in the right direction and it still has some steam left in it. Orbán claimed that there is still plenty of steam left in him, and that party members will not be disappointed in his dedication either. He still feels in his prime and hopes that this will not change by 2025.

In his speech, the Prime Minister touched on last year's parliamentary elections, next June's EP and municipal elections, the EU and Brussels, and introduced a new phrase: "ninja government".

The nurses were tricked

At the beginning of his speech, the Prime Minister briefly touched on last year's parliamentary elections, when "everyone gave it all they had" and Fidesz won a huge victory. According to Orbán, the opposition coalition's candidate for prime minister, Péter Márki-Zay, "outsmarted his nurses to get to Budapest and suddenly found himself at the top of the left-wing’s list". And as for the Brussels bureaucrats, the fact that they bet all their money on a 'lame horse' is a reflection of their weakness, he said.

The fact that foreigners wanted to "buy themeselves" the future Hungarian government is no joke, according to Orbán. Because if they had succeeded, there would now be tens and hundreds of thousands of migrants in Hungary, Budapest would be in the same predicament as the Western European cities which are plagued by pro-terrorist protests, where gender activists roam inside kindergartens, we would be up to our neck in war, and our grandchildren would be bonded slaves to George Soros.

According to Orbán, betraying one's homeland for money cannot go unpunished, and laws must be passed to prevent this from happening in the future. "Go for it, Máté!", he called out to Máté Kocsis, the leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group, who is due to submit the bill which has been called the "sovereignty protection bill", in the coming days.

Even those who vote against them benefit from Fidesz' policies

"I hereby report to this Congress that we achieved the goals we had set", Orbán said, after listing the many difficulties the Hungarian government has had to face in recent years. These included Covid, Ferenc Gyurcsány, (Hungarian PM between 2004-2009) and migrants, but nothing was as difficult as the last two years with the war (in Ukraine – TN) and "the runaway inflation".

However, as the Prime Minister reassured everyone, Hungarians remained on the side of peace, energy supplies are secured, and the government has succeeded in defending the subsidized utility costs, jobs, family benefits and pensions. According to Orbán, the strategy of Brussels hasn’t succeeded: the Hungarian economy has not run into financial difficulties, and is in fact beginning to thrive again. "Of course, we will be collecting those few euros they still owe us. Go for it, Navra!" Orbán said, sending a message to Minister for Regional Development Tibor Navracsics, who is leading the negotiations on the blocked EU funds.

“Even those who voted against us stand to benefit from our policies.”

– Orbán said, adding that in the future, the Hungarian economy will be picking up momentum: wages will grow, the minimum wage will be raised, pensioners will receive an extra month's pension, there will be a generous loan system for families buying their first home, and a program for those expecting their first child, which will be more generous than the current one.

The EU shouldn't be abandoned, but changed

The Prime Minister then moved on from domestic issues to the European Union, where he believes change is needed. It is Viktor Orbán's deep conviction that Brussels' model of Europe must be rejected, because it is unsustainable, and Brussels is destroying Europe and is leading it to ruin.

"We don't want to be the debt slaves of the Soros family, we don't want to be a place of gang wars and migrant ghettos, we don't want Europe and Hungary to become an open air museum worth visiting, but which only has a past and no future", Orbán said.

Following this criticism, he reiterated that the EU should not be abandoned, but changed, but as he sees it, this will only be possible if there are some radical changes in Brussels. If there is no change, the EU will end, and the end of the Union will not be theatrical or heroic in the least bit, according to the Prime Minister. If things continue as they are, the EU will not explode or collapse, "but will simply drift apart".

The future of the Hungarian economy: green energy

The Hungarian government's position on the economy is clear: "yes to green energy, no to green ideology", the Prime Minister said.

"I am convinced that the future of the Hungarian economy lies in green energy", he said, adding that the precondition for success is that green energy must be produced and then stored. Which country's economy will be able to do this is the challenge of the future, Orbán said. According to the Prime Minister, a new global economic order is emerging from the competition between national economies and companies, and Hungary has entered this competition.

"We are turning Hungary into a meeting place for the most modern technologies of the East and the West," said the Prime Minister, and added that Hungary could be the technological leader of a new global economic era.

“We will be strong, rich and green, and so will our opponents, except, they will be green with envy.”

– he noted.

Orbán said that "we are in a huge race with the Germans, the French, and the Spanish: and it's no minor league game, it's a game for the big boys", but the Hungarians are ahead both in the race for new technology and in the transition.

"We will have green energy in abundance, we have plenty of usable water, and we still have significant labour reserves in the east and south of the country. All we need is a courageous and prepared national leadership," Orbán said, effectively referring to (the much disputed – ed.) battery factories without using the word "battery". Instead, he said: 'Go Debrecen, go Iváncsa, go Göd!' – which are the municipalities with battery factories.

The three missions of the ninja government

"Our government is a ninja government. According to our plan, after deployment, we won't be the ones left on the ground, that will be the enemy, and we will return to base unscathed." the Prime Minister said of his government. Orbán listed three such missions or operations.

One of them is the national consultation. On this, he said:

"we have to give it both barrels, because that's where we get our energy from".

The second one is the EP elections, and the third the municipal elections.

He elaborated on the latter in a little more detail. The Prime Minister said that the constituency presidents bear a huge responsibility, because they are the ones who have to coordinate the work of the local campaign teams in the election battle. "They have to lead the way, both in the real and virtual space". Constituency chairmen are typically local Fidesz MPs who also manage the party's local campaigns. "While this is a big responsibility, it is also a huge opportunity, because if they are successful, they can keep their seats and earn the right to participate in the next election battle in 2026. So go for it, Gábor Kubatov!" he said, calling out to Fidesz's party director. "We have to win both elections, the EP and the municipal one as well!" the re-elected Fidesz president concluded at the end of his speech.

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