President Novák signs status law

July 06. 2023. – 10:42 AM


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President Katalin Novák has signed the law on the new career path of teachers, according to a statement from Sándor Palace. The head of state also ordered the promulgation of the law.

"The most controversial points of the so-called 'status law', which many rightly objected to and which was originally put up for debate, are no longer included in the adopted law, or have been substantially amended. Therefore, this law is different in its content from the one that triggered the protest.
For this reason, after having studied the text of the law on the new career path of teachers and having considered the legislative intentions behind it, I found that the new law ensures the continued viability of the public education system, provides a clear framework and creates the basis for a pay rise", Katalin Novák wrote.

Telex has previously reported on some of the contents of the law, the unions' objections to it, and we also reported from the most violent demostration against it.

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