Hungary is attacked because we are not joining the pro-war camp – government reacts to EC's latest recommendations

July 05. 2023. – 04:10 PM



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As expected, during its plenary session on Wednesday, the European Commission adopted the 2023 Rule of Law Report for the 27 Member States, including Hungary.

Although positive changes have been noted, the Commission has made further recommendations for Hungary. In its reaction to the news, Hungarian Government's Information Centre told MTI (the State News Agency) that Brussels' latest report attacking Hungary has once again confirmed that the pressuring continues despite the fact that we have fulfilled all our commitments and are in constant consultation with the European Commission.

In their view, Hungary is being attacked because "we are not joining the pro-war camp". According to the statement, the Hungarian government does not want "migrant ghettos", it refuses to abolish the utility cost reduction program and dares to ask the European Commission where all the money given to Ukraine came from? Was it the money that was due to Hungary?"- the statement reads.

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