Hungarian Football Federation responds to UEFA: There is no controversy over the historic symbols

March 23. 2023. – 09:02 AM



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The Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) published a new statement late Wednesday evening on the issue of symbols used by football fans at games of the Hungarian national team. They write that in their opinion there is no contradiction, and the information they provided on 20 March (Monday) was detailed and accurate, "but unfortunately the situation has been misunderstood and misinterpreted in some cases". They therefore added a brief explanation to the previous communication.

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"This was a decision of the MLSZ, i.e. we did not and do not claim that UEFA has authorised or specifically banned the use of the drapery. We have stated before and continue to assert that both organisations (and the MLSZ) continue to condemn all forms of discrimination and will fight against racist, exclusionary or political messages. At the same time, in light of the written statements of the two organisations, MLSZ concludes that the position of the (Hungarian Football) federation has not been substantially discussed or refuted by the organisations, and therefore for the next two games, the federation will allow the display of banners in the stadium which are in accordance with the conditions it has set. The federation is confident that there will be no justified disciplinary action for the display of drapery depicting just the map (of Greater Hungary), if clear or implicit messages that could lead to disciplinary offences are not allowed in the stadium," the statement issued on Wednesday evening reads.

They further noted that they consider the Hungarian Football Federation's cooperation with the Romanian Federation to be fair and that they would seek to maintain good relations in the future, "although it is clear that their interference in this matter is inappropriate and unjustified.".

As we reported, the Romanian Football Federation (FRF) reacted to Tuesday's decision of the Hungarian Football Federation in a statement after seeking UEFA's position, and stated that the MLSZ had misinterpreted the position of UEFA and FARE.

The full text of the letter sent to by UEFA's press department reads as follows:

Dear Sir/Madam!

UEFA has become aware of press reports stating that the use of flags and banners with the insignia of "Great Hungary" has been authorised at UEFA matches.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding we would like to state that UEFA has never approved the use of such flags and banners. The presence of such symbols in stadiums may lead to disciplinary sanctions. The Hungarian Football Federation has been duly informed and is requested to take the necessary measures to ensure that such banners are not present in stadiums during UEFA matches.

In the event that such flags or banners are reported to be present in stadiums, UEFA's disciplinary bodies may assess the case in accordance with UEFA's Disciplinary Code and may impose disciplinary sanctions.


UEFA Media and Public Relations Department

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