Opposition politicians dismantle cordons around Orbán's office

March 14. 2023. – 10:43 AM


Opposition politicians dismantle cordons around Orbán's office
Photo: Ferenc Bakró-Nagy / Telex


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On Tuesday morning, Momentum MPs and independent MP Ákos Hadházy started to dismantle the cordons around the former Carmelite Monastery, which is now the Hungarian Prime Minister's office. The police on the scene allowed them to do so, but they were not permitted to post their list of demands entitled "7 points for the renewal of Hungary" at the entrance.

They ended up putting the posters on the pillars near the entrance.

The politicians read out the following 7-point list of demands after the barrier had been dismantled and after they had attempted to post it on the entrance to the building:

  1. We demand the restoration of freedom of the press and an immediate stoppage of the lying government propaganda paid for with public funds! Without a free press, a credible public media, without honest information, there is no free choice.
  2. We demand the abolition of the special legal order and governing by decree which has led to authoritarianism. We demand the restoration of the role of Parliament in controlling the government.
  3. We demand clean and free elections with equal rights and proportional representation!
  4. Corruption organised from within government circles must be rooted out! Thieves who are swindling domestic and EU funds should be brought to justice! Our country should join the European Public Prosecutor's Office!
  5. The right to strike is a fundamental right! We demand the restoration of the eroded workers' rights and the immediate start of a wage catch-up across the entire public sector!
  6. The independence of the institutions and public bodies (Constitutional Court, SAO, GVH, (Hungarian Competition Authority) Media Authority, NAV, (National Tax and Customs Authority) NBI, MNB, (Hungarian National Bank) etc.), which are occupied by the governing side but should be independent of the government and the governing parties according to their original purpose, must be restored! These institutions must be freed from party appointees and party cadres.
  7. We demand the protection of our natural environment and the interests of future generations, as well as a sustainable climate and economic policy!

The video link from 444.hu below streamed the whole event as it happened:

By 9.30 a.m., the cordons on both sides of the Carmelite Monastery had been dismantled but the police cordon was not allowing anyone into the street.

"This cordon is a symbol of the power that has dismantled democracy, it is a symbol of governing by decree. This cordon also protects the propaganda machine that the government uses to divert attention away from fraud," Ákos Hadházy told the press at the end.

Photo: Ferenc Bakró-Nagy / Telex Photo: Ferenc Bakró-Nagy / Telex
Photo: Ferenc Bakró-Nagy / Telex

As previously reported by Telex, the entire length of the 1st district's Színház Street was closed in November 2021. This is the location of Viktor Orbán's office, the Prime Minister's Cabinet and the office of Antal Rogán. According to the official justification, the closure was necessary because "the construction phase of the renewal of the National Guard Headquarters, which included the erection of cranes, had begun". In spite of this, for a long time there were no signs of construction.

The cordon has been standing ever since. In the weeks leading up to the closure of the area, Telex's video team was often there filming about experts and propagandists who do not hold official government positions, and yet regularly appear in the Prime Minister's entourage.

The subtitled video below was shot by Telex when the area was first cordoned off:

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