"Unscrupulous politicians are doing everything to turn Hungarians and Ukrainians against each other, but people are wiser than that."

March 09. 2023. – 04:04 PM


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Fedir Shandor, who has been in the press several times in recent months, and Viktor Traski, who was recently interviewed on the ground by Telex correspondents, met at the front. Fedir Shandor posted about their meeting on his Facebook page, where he stressed that they are both Transcarpathian Hungarians, in peacetime, they both teach at the National University of Uzhhorod, and after the outbreak of war they joined the army, like hundreds of their peers, to defend Ukraine.

"We see that unscrupulous politicians are doing everything to turn Hungarians and Ukrainians against each other. They create unnecessary scandals and conflicts. But people are wiser than politicians, and in Hungary, people understand that the main threat to world peace is the aggression of Russia."

- he wrote, adding that by defending Ukraine, they are defending the whole of Europe.

Speaking to Telex on the subject, Viktor Traski said that the Hungarian government's statements seemed alien to him and that he did not understand the position of not giving them weapons. He added that he had never felt mistrusted as an ethnic Hungarian at the front in Ukraine because of the Hungarian government's policies, but when he was at home in October he had the feeling that Hungarians in Transcarpathia were now "feeling more uncomfortable".

In his recent post, Shandor also wrote that on the front, they constantly feel the support of Hungarians from Budapest, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Záhony and other towns and villages. A month ago, he reported on this himself, writing that socks, night vision goggles and seven drones had been bought from donations collected from Hungarians for the Transcarpathian soldiers fighting on the Ukrainian front.

Last May, a photo of Shandor and the accompanying news was published, showing him giving lectures to his students from the trenches during breaks in the fighting, gun in hand. In his professional life, he is a tourism expert, and a sociologist and works on urban and regional projects. In his post, he also wrote that Traski is the deputy dean of the Ukrainian-Hungarian Institute of Education and Science at the university, and he is sure that soon after their victory, they will meet again within the walls of the university, and will talk not about news from the front, but about educational plans and academic conferences.

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