Hungarian civilians raise funds and buy drones and other items for Transcarpathians on Ukrainian frontlines

February 08. 2023. – 03:33 PM


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In just a few days, Hungarian donors raised more than 10 million forints (a little more than 25,700 euros) to support the Transcarpathian battalion fighting at the Ukrainian front – reports.

Fedir Shandor reported about the donations on his social media page. The Uzhhorod National University professor is one of the soldiers of the 68th battalion of the 101st Independent Territorial Defense Brigade, which also includes Transcarpathian Hungarians.

A photo of Sándor was published last May, showing him giving lectures to his students from the trenches during breaks in the fighting, gun in hand. In his professional life, he is a tourism expert, sociologist and works on urban and regional projects.

The money raised was used to buy generators, external batteries, night vision goggles, thermal clothing, socks, polar tops, leg warmers and seven drones.

The donations have been delivered to the Ukrainian front in several installments.

„The Hungarian support in the joint fight against the barbarians is a huge help – thank you,” Sándor wrote on Facebook.

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