Hungarian far right MP dreams of Hungary and Poland sharing a border

November 14. 2022. – 07:58 AM



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"Today is Polish Independence Day. God bless Poland! Let's meet again at the common Polish-Hungarian border!" – László Toroczkai, president of the Hungarian far right Mi Hazánk wrote on Twitter on 11 November, Polish Independence Day.

He attached a photo from 1939 to the post. In 1939, the Polish regiment of honour and Hungarian colonel Lajos Béldy met at the thenPolish-Hungarian border at Verecke Pass. Today, the area belongs to Ukraine, and is one of the most important passes of the Inner Eastern Carpathian Mountains.

In response to Toroczkai's post, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling on the Hungarian government to condemn the statement of MP László Toroczkai concerning the revision of state borders as unacceptable, reports.

"We call on the Hungarian government to condemn such irresponsible statements, which undermine bilateral relations and are not in keeping with the spirit of good neighbourly relations," Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.

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