Deutsch on sanctions: We were able to protect ourselves from a disaster, but couldn't protect ourselves from negative consequences

November 09. 2022. – 10:44 AM



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Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch held a public forum in Nagykáta on Tuesday, where he mostly spoke about why the Hungarian government considers the EU's sanctions policy against Russia to be misguided.

Before the forum began, in response to a question from 444 Deutsch said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had been able to "protect Hungarian interests" by obtaining an exemption from the oil embargo,

but he could not save Europe from a self-destructive decision".

Deutsch said the EU sanctions on Russian oil had serious consequences for the European economy. "This negative consequence is also felt in Hungary. So while we were able to protect ourselves from a disaster, unfortunately, we could not protect ourselves from serious negative consequences," he said.

When asked what should be done to end the fighting in Ukraine, Deutsch replied that the war could only end with a ceasefire, followed by peace negotiations and some kind of agreement.

"In 2014 (after the Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea), France, Germany, and even the European Union itself, took tough diplomatic steps, initiated negotiations, and it ended in an agreement. (...) So if eight years ago the European Union was able to do this, (...) why can't the European Union do it now?" – Deutsch said.

He did not add, however, that the Minsk agreements, which more or less ended the fighting at the time, were preceded by the severe and decisive defeat of the Ukrainian forces in the battle of Ilovaysk in August and September 2014.

At the two-hour forum "in order to avoid any misunderstanding", Deutsch stressed that he condemns Russia and the war. According to the MEP, the only real winners of the EU sanctions are the Americans and the Chinese. "But then why did Orbán vote in favour of the sanctions?" – Deutsch asked.

He argued that at least in the case of the oil embargo, he only voted for them once the government had succeeded in getting preferential treatment for Hungary. But Hungary did not have the power to dissuade the other 26 EU countries from making the wrong decision, which will ultimately affect us indirectly, Deutsch said, according to 444.

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