Put us on TV please, so Putin can see this!

October 04. 2022. – 03:39 PM



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Thanks to our readers’ continued support, Telex was able to send a team to Ukraine again – just like we did at the beginning of the war. This time, our team is in Kupyansk, one of the towns recently liberated after six months of Russian occupation. This is the report they sent back. (Make sure to turn on the English subtitles!)

NOTE: At the end of the video, one of the locals references a song. The song is an old Ukrainian patriotic song which was revived during the war and which has become a symbol of resisting occupation.

The subtitles for this video were created using the Alrite text recognition and transcription software.

Ever since it began, Telex has invested a great deal of effort to covering the war in Ukraine and informing the Hungarian public directly from the scene. Our colleagues Gergely Nyilas and István Huszti are currently there again. If you find our work important, become a regular supporter of Telex!

The translation of this article was made possible by our cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation.