Communication between Orbán and Meloni more intensive than the usual diplomatic formulas – PM's press office

September 26. 2022. – 03:55 PM



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Communication between Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the leaders of the Italian right-wing parties expected to form a government has been far more intensive than the usual diplomatic and polite formulas. Since Sunday's parliamentary elections, several messages and letters have been exchanged between the Hungarian and Italian side

- Bertalan Havasi, Deputy Press Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office informed the Hungarian State News Agency (MTI) on Monday.

Along with several European populist right-wing leaders, Viktor Orbán congratulated election winner Giorgia Meloni publicly on Monday morning. The caption "Bravo, Giorgia!" was put across an old photo of the two of them together with the comment: “A more than deserved victory. Congratulations!”

In the Italian elections on Sunday, the (far) right coalition of the Brothers of Italy led by Meloni, Matteo Salvini's League and ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Let's Go Italy, won a solid majority in both houses of the legislature with a total of 44% of the vote.

The elections had to be called after the fall of the government led by former European Central Bank President Mario Draghi in July. The crisis and subsequent fall of the previous government has mainly benefited the Brothers of Italy, who were not part of the big coalition. The victory of the Brothers of Italy means that Italy will have its first female prime minister in the person of Giorgia Meloni, who had previously openly praised the late fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

According to Havasi, in his letter to Meloni, Orbán, who was already on good terms with her, wrote that the success of the Fratelli d'Italia party was a victory for the conservative-Christian values which "form the basis of our cooperation and friendship".

The prime minister also mentioned the war between Russia and Ukraine in his letter to Meloni, but only generally. Meloni, unlike him, supports sanctions against Russia and military aid to Ukraine. He wrote:

"At such challenging times, the importance of predictable partnerships is particularly appreciated."

as well as saying that:

"I look forward to our future cooperation aimed at preserving peace in our countries and in Europe, and relaunching the European economy and working together to alleviate the energy crisis."

According to the Deputy Press Secretary, Orbán also contacted League leader Matteo Salvini and Forza Italia president Silvio Berlusconi, congratulating both on the electoral victory of the Italian right-wing parties and thanking them for their friendship and cooperation so far.

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