"The Russians are in the pantry" – the new mini statue of sculptor Mihály Kolodkó installed in the capital

September 14. 2022. – 02:01 PM



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Another mini-sculpture has been installed in Budapest by sculptor Mihály Kolodko, whose latest work reflects on Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The sculptor has placed a sculpture entitled "No compote" in a small niche on the quay in front of Várkert Bazár. The title is a reference to a scene in one of the most famous Hungarian comedies, The Corporal and the Others,(A tizedes meg a többiek) in which legendary actor Imre Sinkovits utters a line that has since become an adage:

The Russians are already in the pantry.

The Uzhhorod-born sculptor of Ukrainian-Hungarian descent has been living in Budapest for 6 years. His sculptures have been popping up around the city for a long time with different themes. In March he reacted to the Russian-Ukrainian war with a mini statue of Putin on an upward-pointing finger. The latest mini-sculpture is of a Soviet soldier in a pantry. Mihály Kolodko has also uploaded a video of the creation process to YouTube, which can be viewed here:

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