The various methods used to hide Orbán from the press

April 01. 2022. – 05:08 PM



Copied to clipboard

For the past few days, Viktor Orbán has been traversing the country and campaigning hard. The events are kept secret from the press, and are only announced in closed circles. Afterwards, the prime minister's speeches are published for all to see on his Facebook page. The short videos are all very similar: Orbán meets an enthusiastic crowd, and speaks to them about pro-peace Fidesz and the pro-war opposition. After trying in vain to contact the prime minister through official channels, we went to two such events to ask him about current events.

We reached out to the Prime Minister's press office to find out where he was campaigning. Bertalan Havasi replied that "in line with previous practice, we will inform the editorial offices of all the Prime Minister's public press programmes in good time". Since we were unable to report on Viktor Orbán's campaign, in the end, we asked our readers to help us find out where he was going on his campaign trail. This is how we made it to the events shown in the video.

In appreciation for espell for the pro bono translation!