What is Hungary’s procedure for secret surveillance?

Sándor Pintér, the Minister of Interior Affairs said that Hungary does not engage in unlawful secret surveillance. To precisely understand what that means, it is worth knowing how it works when it’s lawful.

Pegasus surveillance scandal: Hungarian ministers point fingers at each other

Before Wednesday's cabinet meeting, we tried once more to get answers from members of the Hungarian government about the Pegasus surveillance scandal.

President of the Hungarian Bar Association and several other lawyers targeted with Israeli spyware Pegasus

It seems not even client-attorney privilege could save lawyers from surveillance. János Bánáti, the President of the Hungarian Bar Association was targeted during the trial of a consequential murder case, while another lawyer became a target when he ran against a candidate of Fidesz for the mayoral office of a small town at the last municipal elections.

Hungarian government not keen on answering questions about the Pegasus surveillance scandal

Telex tried asking several prominent members of the Hungarian governing party Fidesz about the wiretapping of several critics of Viktor Orbán's government, however, we did not receive substantive answers from the politicians behind cordons and policemen.

Hungarian journalists and critics of Orbán were targeted with Pegasus, a powerful Israeli cyberweapon

Hungarian targets include media owner Zoltán Varga and his acquaintances, the son and lawyer of former oligarch Lajos Simicska, and several investigative reporters.