Why Orbán's "child protection referendum" makes no sense, and why it does

Shortly after the Hungarian law restricting LGBTQ+ content in media and education drew major international flak, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a referendum to defend it. At first glance, the questions seem a bit nonsensical, but a deeper inspection reveals that there is a certain rationale at work here. Analysis.

Dutch ambassador to Hungary: The anti-LGBTQ-law causes anguish in Hungarian families

A law that conflates paedophilia and LGBTI issues is harmful, says Dutch ambassador René van Hell, who will leave Hungary at the end of August. He says that Hungarian politics is also a topic for the Dutch press. Although there are often disputes between the two countries, environmental protection is a common bond between the Netherlands and Hungary. Van Hell had no regrets about coming to Budapest as an ambassador and even traversed the country.

Hungary bans sale of books with LGBTQ+ content near churches and schools, orders plastic wraps on them elsewhere

The Hungarian Government released the first detailed implementation decree to the recent anti-LGBTQ+ “Child Protection Act” which sparked major political controversy in Europe.

A kínai vezetés ismerős szlogenek mentén lép fel a szexuális kisebbségekkel szemben

Külföldi befolyás és a káros nyugati eszmék elleni harc, a családi értékek és a kiskorúak védelme: Kínában is fokozódik az LMBTQI-csoportok elleni hatósági fellépés, amelyet ismerős szlogenek kísérnek.

Viktor Orbán announces referendum on children in response to EU inquiries into Hungary's controversial anti-LGBT law

The referendum will include five questions concerning the so-called "Child Protection Act" adopted in June, over which the European Commission had launched three separate proceedings.

Szivárványos zászlót koboztak el a biztonságiak egy dán szurkolótól Bakuban, az UEFA szerint az ő védelmében léptek közbe

Az interneten terjedő fotók alapján nemcsak a szivárványos hirdetéseket, hanem a szurkolók zászlóit sem tolerálják Azerbajdzsánban. A hivatalos álláspont szerint viszont egészen más történt.

Hungarian Deputy PM: Homosexuality is a sin

Following up on the latest Hungarian anti-LGBT legislation that caused political turmoil in the EU, we asked members of the Hungarian government about the law's details and how they would respond if someone in their political community came out as gay.

Portrayal and promotion – Hungary's latest anti-LGBT law, explained

Last Tuesday, the Hungarian parliament adopted legislation that prohibited sharing LGBT content with minors and limited sexual education in schools. Since then, 17 EU member states condemned the law in a joint statement and Ursula von der Leyen vowed to use all powers of the European Commission to protect the rights of EU citizens. But what is this law, and how does it fit into the Hungarian government’s anti-LGBT agenda?

The European Union as an LGBTIQ Freedom Zone

Despite the progress achieved over recent decades, the equality of LGBTIQ people remains elusive. Opinion piece by Helena Dalli, the European Union Commissioner for Equality.

Are sexual minorities the 'new migrants' of Hungary?

In recent times, the Hungarian governing party has been increasingly inciting anti-LGBTQ sentiments both in communication and in legislation – could sexual minorities be Fidesz's new bogeymen at the 2022 general elections?

The storybook that opened a rift in Hungary

Petitions, book shredding, and clashes among commentators and celebrities: news of the book A Fairy Tale for Everyone spread quickly along with claims of it being homosexual propaganda. We sat down with some of the people who worked on the book and learned that the situation is not at all what it seems.