2021 is shaping up to be Viktor Orbán's toughest year to date

A recession of historic proportions, a significant loss of popularity, rule of law mechanism, a hostile US administration, a new German chancellor, and an opposition challenger – the Hungarian Prime Minister will have to face a number of difficulties this year, and he has work to do within his own party as well.

Orbán's media war will never end

Even though a year ago, Orbán said that Hungarian media is finally balanced, his skirmishes against independent media have not stopped – Telex explains the ins and outs of Orbán's never-ending media war.

EPP: We will convince the Hungarian government about rule of law conditionality

The Hungarian Prime Minister has announced the political veto of the EU's next 7-year budget over rule of law conditionality, but his party's political family, the EPP, is not willing to give up on the budgetary mechanism. Interview with Pedro Lopez de Pablo, the EPP's Director of Press and Communications.

Making Fidesz hip, no matter the cost

Hungarian governing party Fidesz has been trying to capture the elusive youth vote for quite some time, and following the grim results of the 2019 local elections, they are throwing even more money at the problem. Here is how.