Our stop at a checkpoint in Afghanistan turned into a gun show

Our frightening stop at one of the checkpoints near Kabul turned into a photo-op in little under an hour. The Taliban, who do not refrain from cruelty elsewhere, showed off their newly captured American weapons gleefully before leaving for the Panjshir front. Telex's report from Afghanistan.

He had never been to Serbia in his life, he did not know anyone there, and yet he was pushed-back there

Hasib, 24, came to Hungary to study three years ago. He was unable to continue his studies for financial reasons and had to decide whether to return to Afghanistan, where the Taliban had carried out several attacks on his relatives, or stay illegally. After a year and a half of illegality, he applied for asylum, but instead of consideration, the authorities detained him and forced him to Serbia, even though he has never been there and he does not speak the language.

I was detained by armed Afghan teens and saved from the Taliban by the Taliban

We travelled to Afghanistan to see what kind of country its new, infamous overlords, the Taliban, are building. Crossing the border, our reporter found himself in a situation that seemed to confirm the ominous predictions, but an unexpected turn of events showed that this picture is more complex than one may imagine. We learned what Taliban leaders think of women, 9/11, and houseguests. Telex's report from Afghanistan.